Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What is the purpose of Kikin Sports? Why did you start it?

A: The Kikin Sports mission is to create world’s best Sports, Fitness and Outdoor gear reviews. We strive to help our readers make smarter and more informed purchase decisions. If we’ve done our job right, our readers can rely on our reviews to help them choose the right product for their needs and budget. Learn more in our About GearLab page.

Q: Do companies pay you to review their gear?

A: No, we never receive money from companies for reviewing their gear.

Q: How do you get the gear for your reviews?

A: We buy all the products we review ourselves, at retail just like you, to help assure complete objectivity and independence in our ratings. We won’t accept any free evaluation units from manufacturers.

Q: So how do you make money?

A: The revenue to fund Kikin Sports comes from the support of readers like you. There are two ways readers help fund our work:

  • Advertising that runs on the site
  • Links to online retailer sites with today’s pricing on the gear being reviewed. If you click on a retailer’s price link and make any purchase, the retailer will contribute a portion of the sale to help support this site. It won’t cost you anything extra, and it’s a simple way to help us fund our gear reviews. Thanks!

Q: How do you choose what to review?

A: We look at hundreds of products to determine the top contenders in each category. To narrow down to the final set of products we compare side-by-side we rely on several factors. First, we consider the collective recommendations and experience of our Experts. Next we conduct research: looking very closely at user-reviews on products, collecting feedback from retail store personnel, and talking to industry experts.

Q: How many products do you compare in a side-by-side review?

A: It varies by category. On average, we test the top 10 products in a side-by-side comparison review. However in some cases we may compare as few as three top contenders, and sometimes more than twenty are compared. In our recent review we compared more than 20 products side-by-side.

Q: What is your review process?

A: Our Gear Testers put the products through detailed side-by-side tests, both in the lab and in the field, and score each product across a range of weighted categories. We use and abuse each product to see how it holds up to its competition. Finally, we rank the products, explain why, and give awards to the best.

Q: What is your motivation to give an objective review?

A: We want to build a reputation as the most objective review site in the Sports, Fitness and outdoor world. That is why in every review, we clearly post our dislikes with the product. We want you to know what the shortfalls of a product are and we hope to provide constructive criticism for companies to make their products better. In less than a year we have heard from multiple companies that have embraced feedback from our reviews in their future designs.

Q: Who tests the gear and where?

A: Our Gear Lab testing environments are the great mountains of America and Pakistan: Himalayas, K2, the High Sierra, the Cascades, the peaks of Alaska, and the Rocky Mountain. Our Review Editors are avid sportsman, fitness freaks, climbers, skiers, bikers, surfers, hikers, trail runners, and backpackers. Every tester has an obsession with finding the best gear for their activity. Many are professional guides and writers who bring years of outdoor experience and comparative analysis to our reviews.

Q: How can I be notified when new reviews are posted?

A: New reviews are posted weekly. If you Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter you will be notified when new reviews are posted.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can reach us most easily by using our feedback form to send us an email. Full contact information including postal mail and phone is available on our Contact page.